Glastonbury Fringe FAQ

Got questions? Here’s some answers! If your question isn’t answered please get in touch via the contact page or facebook.

When does it start?

Glastonbury Fringe 208 starts on Saturday the 9th of June and runs until Sunday June 17th. The Fringe stage will be live outside St. Dunstan’s House throughout the Fringe and there is a big launch party planned for the evening of June 9th at Glastonbury Abbey.

Where is it?

Primarily within Glastonbury but there are some events just outside town too. Generally if you are staying in Glastonbury you can walk to nearly all of the events.

Do I need a ticket?

This depends on the event. Each event listed on this site will have details of whether you need to purchase a ticket in advance, on the door or whether it is a free event.

My band is awesome. Can we do a set at Glastonbury Fringe?

If you want to “play” Glastonbury Fringe you need to put on a gig somewhere in town between the 9th and 21st of June, or be asked to play by one of the venues or promoters in town. It doesn’t have to be a traditional venue and it doesn’t have to be just music. If you’re just after a gig, try contacting the many live venues in town. Consider putting your own event on and if you do, let us know about it.

So it’s not just music then?

No. Glastonbury is a very musical town and there are a lot of music events throughout the Fringe but there are also plays, workshops, markets, competitions, poetry and spiritual events. The Fringe seeks to highlight just how diverse the culture in Glastonbury is so we want events of all types during the fringe.

How do I let you know about my event?

You can submit your event here.

What details of the event do you need?

All of them! We are constantly having to chase promoters and venues for further details of their events. “Live music from 9pm” is not an event description. Tell us about the event in as much detail as possible. Target your description to your potential audience. Include links to relevant performer / past performance pages. Send us a picture that shows the audience what you will be doing. Remember, we are marketing events all over town so the better your information the more chance you have of standing out from the crowd.

What type of events can take part in Glastonbury Fringe?

Anything really. It doesn’t even need to be an “event” as such, it could be a one off workshop or course too. Essentially it is anything that the general public can attend or take part in.





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